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More details of our Document Storage Service


Your Document is stored by Kings Court Trust Corporation at a secure facility maintained to BS5454 (Temperature 16"C + /-2"C, Relative humidity 55% +/-5%), 100 feet underground in vaults built out of solid rock with BS5839-compliant fire detection and suppression, BS4737-compliant security, and a natural water table 130 ft below the base of the vaults (eliminating the danger of flood)

Your Documents are fully insured for their replacement cost, and when you die your annual direct debit is automatically terminated by us when any arrears have been settled and the Will has been retrieved (the retrieval fee will be as advertised on the Price List page at our website on the date of retrieval).

You can retrieve your Document separately for update at any time upon payment of the relevant fee (see Price List page at our website). Documents are dispatched within 3 working days by recorded post.

Other features and benefits, explained in more detail below, are:-

  • The Free Probate Helpline with Kings Court can be used as soon as your documents are stored – you don’t have to wait until Probate is required
  • A free no obligation fixed price quote for Probate will be provided by Kings Court at your Executors request
  • You can authorise your nominated people to retrieve the Document on your behalf.

Paying for the Service and Storing your Document(s)

You pay for the first year’s storage straight away, and at the same time you set up a ‘Direct Debit’ mandate which allows us to collect annual payments - with the first payment being taken 12 months after your initial order. You can cancel the contract at any time, although any payments taken before you have cancelled cannot be refunded.

Once your initial payment has been processed, a 'Storage Instructions' document is immediately emailed to you.

Following the instructions in the Storage Instructions document that you were emailed when you made payment, you then send your Will to our Storage Provider by recorded delivery.

Following receipt of your Will, it is put into Secure Storage, and we then email to you:-

  • Confirmation of receipt of your Will
  • Your Storage Certificate, carrying your Storage Reference and Free Probate Helpline Number

As soon as this second package arrives you can start to use the Free Probate helpline.

How you retrieve your Document Envelope for Update

You can retrieve your Document Envelope at any time, by logging in to your account and paying the relevant retrieval fee (see the Price List at our website).

For security reasons, the Document Envelope is always sent to your home address. You then consult the above Storage Instructions if and when you wish to send your Will (or a new Will) back into storage.

How your Executors can retrieve your Document Envelope

Your Executors can retrieve your Document Envelope by contacting us via the `Contact` page at our website, quoting your full name and the Storage Reference.

They will then be given instructions for payment of any retrieval fee and asked to email a copy of the Death Certificate. Upon receipt of payment and Death Certificate, the Document Envelope will be dispatched to them by registered post within 2 working days.

How other people can retrieve your Document Envelope

We also supply you with a facility whereby you can authorise specified people to retrieve your documents on your behalf while you are still alive. Authorisation a 2-step procedure:-

  • You login at and enter their details: their email address and a password (which you should tell them)
  • You then download, complete and sign a Retrieval Authorisation Letter - one for each person. This signature can then be checked against the one on your Document Envelope.

Your Authorised people can then login and request retrieval – which is executed once the signed letter of authorisation has been received and the signature thereon matched to that on the Document Envelope.

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